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This week, we are starting to look at addition. We're beginning the week by look at the 'part-whole model'. Think about these things:

What does 'part' and 'whole' mean?

How can they be represented? With numbers? Cubes? Counters?

Can zero be a part?

Can they be swapped?

Look at the part-whole model below. Can you see the two parts? Where is the whole?


Now look at the next part-whole model. How many is each part? Say: "5 is a part and 4 is a part". Now get some counters to help you. Get 5 counters and 4 counters (parts) and move them into the large circle (whole). How many altogether? Say : "5 is a part and 4 is a part. 9 is the whole". There are 9 altogether.
Now, print out the first sheet below or just use your counters to try out some different part-whole models.