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Today we are going to learn about Tens and Ones.

Numbers from 11 to 19 are all ten and some more.

So 11 is one ten and 1 more. 13 is one ten and 3 more. We call the more 'Ones'.

What numbers come after 10?
Which numbers have the ‘teen’ sound in them?
What does the number 14 look like?
Which is greater 1 ten or 1 one? How do you know?
What does ‘teen’ tell us about a number?
Can you swap tens for ones?
Will it change the amount? How?
Do we need to count the 10 individually?
Do we need to start counting from 0 every time?
Can you describe the number 15 using tens and ones?


You're going to make your own base 10 today. This just means sticks of ten and ones. If you have playdoh you could make a long stick or sausage shape for the tens and roll little balls for the ones.

You could use sticks and stones. Maybe a doll for a tens and smaller items for the ones. A pencil could be a ten and marbles for the ones.

Good work! Keep the items you used today handy as we'll be using them tomorrow.

See you tomorrow! smiley