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Good morning and happy Friday!


Well done with all your hard work this week.


Today we are carrying on learning about subtraction.


Have a listen to the song below to remind you of the other words we use when learning about subtraction.

Today we are going to take away but we are going to cross 10.

Look at the picture below.

How can you partition a number to help you subtract?
How does using the counters help you to see this strategy?
How does using a number line help you to see this strategy?
Can you think of another way to represent this problem?


Below is a sheet with ten frames on (it may take a few moments to open).  Print it and stick it into your orange home learning book or ask your grown up to help you draw the grids.

Use counters, coins, beads or balls of playdoh to help you solve some subtraction sentences.


12 - 5 =

15 - 7 =

19 - 10 =

14 - 8 =

13 - 6 =





Now to finish, watch the Numberblocks practise their subtraction! smiley 


Have a lovely weekend!