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St John's Mini-Leaders

Mini-Leaders 21-22

This year we have had 30 brilliant Y5-6 children working closely with our Sports Coach and Play Leader every lunchtime to create a healthy, active playground filled with lots of fun, activity and exercise. Applications will be going out in September for more Mini-Leaders to help and run games for children of all ages. 

Mini-Leaders 2019-20


20 of our brilliant Year 5 children have successfully completed application forms to be our next set of Mini-Leaders. Soon they will undergo training session to run their own lunchtime fitness and active clubs for the younger children at our school. Watch this space for more information and pictures!


A new year is upon us and a new bunch of enthusiastic Year 6's have applied

and volunteered their own time to become Mini-Leaders and

help keep all the children of St. John's healthy and active!


This year, Mr Hallam was inundated with applications from children who all saw

the wonderful job our ten leaders did last year and children who would

love the opportunity to work with younger children across the school

and run some fun lunchtime sports clubs.


30 Year 6's will be taking part in Mini-Leader training in September

and be running clubs every lunchtime for children across almost every year

group at St. John's. The reason for having more mini-leaders this year is so

that we can have more clubs, more active children, more children applied and

we want more fun sport on our playground at lunchtimes!


The Mini-Leaders clubs will run as follows:


Monday lunch = Reception

Tuesday lunch = Year 1

Wednesday Lunch = Year 2

Thursday lunch = Year 3

Friday lunch = Year 4

Mini-Leaders 2015-16

As part of our challenge to improve physical education and keep the children active

and healthy, a group of 10 fantastic Year 6's have taken time to train as

Mini-Leaders and have begun running lunchtime clubs of their very own!


On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the Mini-Leaders will be playing lots

of fun games and sporting activities with the infants and anyone is welcome.


Well done and thank you to the leaders, Katie Potts, Amy Horder, Jocelyn Johnson,

Ben Ollett, Finley Welch, Cameron Butler, Charlie Brassington,

Joe Gibbard, Dillon Mackney and Josh Gasgoyne.


Monday lunchtime = Year 1

Wednesday lunchtime = Reception

Friday lunchtime = Year 2