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Mrs Smith

I am currently going through chemotherapy treatement so am not at work. I am looking forward to coming back to St John's and getting to know all the children in my class, as soon as the doctors allow me to return.


Until then, Mrs Badhan will be teaching our class.


Please use her teacher link to see what your child is doing in school throughout the Autumn term. 


My name is Mrs Smith.



I am an Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) class teacher. I have worked at St John's since September 2016, as class teacher and as a member of the school's leadership team. I lead EYFS and whole school curriculum.

I will be working closely with Mrs Badhan, when I return, to ensure a smooth transition. If you have any questions or queries please message me through the contacts form at the bottom of this page. 


A little bit about myself...

I have two of my own children, my daughter has just left St John's and is starting Belper High this September, and my son is in Year 5 at St John's. We visit my family in Guernsey every year, so my class always get to hear lots of interesting facts about the Channel Islands. I love animals, I have two cats, 3 guinea-pigs and an African land snail called Luna (who comes to visit us at school regularly). I always get very excited at Easter time when our school PTFA fund a living eggs experience for all our EYFS children, where the children get to watch eggs hatch into chicks!