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Arriving at and leaving school

You may have noticed yesterday we are able to use the new carpark at the front of the school.


With the work completed we are now going to be able to return to children and families coming into school at 9am and leaving school at 3.30pm through the normal gate at the side of school near the year 1 classrooms. We will use this side gate again from Tuesday 4th December. The only families that will use the nursery gates now are families with nursery children.


At the beginning of the day, infant parents are now invited to drop off on the playground and junior parents at the front of the school - as we did before the car park was built. All parents and families are welcome to come onto the school playground to pick up children at the end of the school day. When picking up at the end of the day please find a suitable location away from classroom windows and doors so that children that are in classes can continue to work without getting disturbed, thank you. Parents of older children are welcome to continue to have their child walk to meet them outside of school as we help children to get ready for secondary school. For safety reasons, please do not use the new carpark as a meeting point or use the vehicle gates onto this carpark as a pedestrian access.