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Attendance at school

Attendance of children during partial closure


Week beginning Monday 8th February, sees our highest number of key worker parents request places at St. John's for their children. 


This week we have had

  • a senior member of staff from the local authority ask why we have well over 45% of our children attending school when the county average is about 20%
  • a number of families let us know that they are upset that other families are sending children to school when adults and child care are available at these houses. 


The government have given schools the option of asking for proof of key worker roles before admitting children to school. Up to now at St. John's we have hoped that community spirit and support would mean that key worker parents "would keep their children at home if they can" as per government guidance. We hope that this message and reminder further emphasise this point. 


If you are are key worker and are able to keep your child at home the government guidance is clear, you should be doing so. 


On behalf of the community, children and staff of St. John's

Thank you for doing so.