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Good afternoon

I hope that you have all enjoyed a lovely holiday. I look forward to seeing everyone back at school tomorrow. 


Unfortunately, over the new year weekend storm damage led to power disruptions in the Laund Nook area. Several neighbours had no power and emergency repair work needed to be carried out by the power company to restore electricity. Part of this work has left a large hole just outside the main school gates that blocks the pavement across the front of school and makes entering the school difficult. 

We contacted the power company last week, letting them know of the problems that our community would face when school re-opened. The power company let us know that they planned on completing the work and filling in the hole by Friday 5th January. However they still had not done so by lunchtime on Sunday 7th and therefore I doubt that it will be done by tomorrow morning. 


With this in mind can I please ask that parents make every effort not to drive along Laund Nook tomorrow. Please park further away and then walk with your child to school. When walking please take extra care outside of school, the pavement is blocked and there is no option but to walk on the road to get around the obstruction. 


I apologise for the inconvenience that this creates. We will contact the power company again tomorrow and share any information about planned completion as soon as we have it. 


Mr. Averis

Sunday 7th January - 2.30pm