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Cashless School

Cashless School


We are very pleased to be able to share that after the half term holiday we are going to begin the process of becoming a cashless school. There are many benefits to this that will really help families and school when paying for dinners and school trips. 


The first stage will be for all junior children to be able to pay for their school dinners after the half term holiday. We will then, hopefully, move to accepting cashless payments for other aspects of school life, such as school trips, after the summer holidays in September. 


On Tuesday 23rd May all junior children will be bringing home a letter with a unique, individual log on number for every family. Please make sure that you check your child's bag for this letter on Tuesday evening. Once you get this letter you will be able to set up your account.


Infant children don't pay for their school dinners as all infant children have universal infant free school meals. Parents of infant children will receive their letters when we move to cashless paying for school trips and visits.