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Frozen water safety

We have all been moved by the tragic incidents in Birmingham last weekend and the death of four children. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the children. 


All teachers at school have spoken to the children about staying safe in icy conditions and not going on frozen water. Parents that want to to help their children understand the dangers of water safety in icy conditions are able to use the poster below. 


The most important messages to give children are

  • Don't play near frozen water
  • Don't go on icy water at a pond or lake. Children need to be especially aware of this if
    • they see someone else on the ice, they must not copy them, even if they are been encouraged or dared to.
    • a toy (for example a football) goes on the ice they must not go and collect it.
    • a pet (for example a dog who is running off the lead) goes on the ice, they must not go to try and help it.