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Lost Property

As was shared last week in the weekly headteacher blog, the considerable amount of lost/unclaimed property, which has accumulated since September (6 large bin bags!), has been placed outside school. This will be repeated tomorrow, at the end of the school day, as there was a significant amount still left unclaimed including coats, trainers, water bottles, lunch boxes, school jumpers and PE kits to name just a few.


We check through lost property regularly and do our very best to return items to their rightful owners. Where items are named and placed in the lost property box, this is easy and items are returned to the children. However, the vast amount of property is not named and therefore is impossible to return. 


Please ensure all property is named and checked regularly so that it can be returned to you easily following a lost property check.


Thank you, and I hope you find anything that may be missing in the lost property abyss!


Mrs Carvell