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Message from Mr. Averis

Message from Mr. Averis - 4.45pm - Monday 8th June. 


Good afternoon


Many thanks to all parents who helped prepare their children for school today by talking about social distancing and showing pictures of how school looks. The children were excellent, well prepared and ready to work and play in their new bubbles. 


It was a pleasure to be at St. John's today with more children back at school. Your children really are the 'beating heart' of St. John's. After 8 weeks of partial opening with only 10 to 50 children attending every day it was fantastic to have 150 children back, bringing life to our building.


As always, we will continue to follow government advice and look forward to when we are able to safely open to more children. We do not know when this will be, or how we will be asked to do it, but as soon as we do, we will share it with parents on our website. 


R. Averis