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New policies

At the governor meeting last night, Thursday 27th Sept, several policies were updated. All of our polices are regularly reviewed but the first meeting of the year for governors in September is one of the meetings when annual reviews take place.


There are ten updated and reviewed polices on the website, however, there were a couple of polices that are frequently read by parents that we would like to draw your attention to. All policies can be found on our web site – CLICK HERE.


Attendance and authorised leave of absence. CLICK HERE.

Some updates to this policy include -

  • An updated Exceptional Leave of Absence request form and some information about the issuing of penalties for parents that take children out of school for unauthorised reasons, for example a family holiday.
  • Ensuring that children attend school regularly and that parents are aware of how we encourage good attendance and how we hold parents to account if children’s attendance falls below 90%


Behaviour policy. CLICK HERE.

Some updates to this policy include -

  • In 2018 we introduced a governor award. We ran this for a second time in 2019. We have now added this highest level of good behaviour award to our policy to ensure that it continues successfully. One child from each class is awarded the governor award at the final assembly of the year in July. Parents are invited ‘in secret’ to the assembly so that they can be part of our final celebration assembly of the year and see their child get their certificate from members of the governing body.
  • We are letting parents know that their child has been sent to a senior teacher on the first occasion with an updated ‘sorry slip’ that will be sent home so that school and family can continue to work together to help encourage and support good behaviour. Sorry slips used to stay in school. This is after feedback from parents that they wished to be informed as soon as possible if their child has been seen by another teacher and we hope that it helps.
  • If children are sent to the headteacher they will now miss the Friday afternoon playtime of that week and spend it with him in detention. Children used to miss golden time if they were sent to the headteacher, however, this could be up to seven weeks later, which was too long. Therefore, Mr. Averis will now have a weekly Friday detention during afternoon break. Please be aware that we normally only have one or two children that get sent to Mr. Averis for poor behaviour choices a half term. We know that over 99% of behaviour at St. John’s is good and that this last deterrent is only needed to help a very small number of children make more appropriate behaviour choices.