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OFSTED inspection report

We are very pleased that OFSTED have provided us with a copy of our report today and that we are able to share it with you before the Christmas break. Unfortunatley we did not get the report until 2pm on the 19th December and therefore did not have time to print and distribute a letter to all 500 children in an hour and a half before home time. A letter will follow in January 2018 when we return to school.


A copy of the report is now available on our website for you to read. The report highlights lots of the good practice that happens every day at school and I am very pleased that all of the hard work done by all our staff has resulted in us having this recognised by OFSTED. It is particularly pleasing to read that

  • We have maintained our good status

  • The good work taking place in our nursery was recognised

  • Children’s behaviour and attitude at lunchtimes and throughout the rest of the day was commented on as being consistently good and often exemplary

  • Our work in improving standards in reading, maths and the results of disadvantaged children is proving successful

  • Our self-evaluation and school improvement plan are robust and are leading towards further improvements

  • Our strong Christian values are prominent in helping us develop children to become responsible adults

  • The two next steps for the school are already being addressed through our school improvement plan, which is available online.


To read a full copy of the report go to the OFSTED section of our school website.