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Police neighbourhood alert

We have been asked to share the following information from Derbyshire Police


People in Belper have been targeted by scammers impersonating police officer.

More Derbyshire residents, this time in the Belper area, have been targeted by fraudsters pretending to be police officers.

Please share this warning with friends and family so we can help protect older people in the community, who are typically targeted. 

The scammers claim to be a DC Matthew Phillips, PC Christy or Sergeant Atkins from a police station in Derby. They already know personal details, such as the resident’s name, address and basic banking details. Please note this is not an exhaustive list of possible names or police stations that could be used by scammers.

The victim is asked to stay on the line and dial 999 to verify the identity of the ‘police officer,’ however someone will answer the call pretending to be from Derbyshire police and will then verify the caller.  Due to the fact the victim is asked to stay on the line and dial 999, the original call is never terminated, and they remain in contact with the fraudster at all times.

The caller goes on to say that he is investigating the unauthorised use of that person’s bank card at local stores such as M&S and Asda. The use of locations that will be familiar to the victim makes the call appear more genuine.

Secrecy is the key and victims are advised they should not tell anyone about this call as it may jeopardise the police investigation.

We know that this type of call can be linked to courier fraud.

This means that victims will be encouraged to withdraw funds from their bank accounts or Euros from local bureau de change to give to a courier, arranged by the ‘police officer’ making the call under the guise of ‘assisting with a police investigation.’

The police will never contact you asking for banking information or request that you withdraw money from an account to aid an investigation. 

If you receive such a call, you should not give out any personal information and hang up the call immediately. Wait five minutes and ensure you can hear a dial tone before calling 101. To call your bank, please use the number found on the back of your card.  All reports of this nature also need to be reported to Action Fraud 0300 120 2040 or online