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Return to school March 8th

I am very pleased to be writing about the return to school for all pupils. I am looking forward to Monday March 8th when all of our children can return to school and join the 50% of our children that are attending every day at present.


After the announcement from the Prime Minister last night the Department for Education published guidelines for schools to read to help us plan for the safe return of all pupils. These guidelines are available for everyone to read. CLICK HERE.


Having looked at them this morning it is clear that St. John’s will look and operate in a very similar way to how we worked during the autumn term in 2020. For example, we’ll still have staggered start and end times and children will spend the day in their year group bubbles. It will also be important for us to continue with our hand hygiene procedures and that we follow guidelines on isolating and testing when displaying symptoms.


There are a few minor differences that I will clear up in the next week, but I am pleased to share that home schooling parents at home can begin to prepare to return children to school on March 8th. I’ll see you all then.


Mr. Averis


Published - Tuesday 23rd February at 10.45am