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Road works

Message posted at 1.15pm - Thursday 11th January


Parents will all be aware that at the beginning of the week we had some road works outside school that caused some disruption. Unfortunately, today the power company have had to return to Laund Nook to address continued problems with the electricity supply to houses in the local area. This means that they are, as I write, digging up the grass verge and pavement outside school again.


We have been told that this time the hole may be bigger and at this point we do not know which direction they will have to dig. It may be that part of the road has to be dug up and/or more of the pavement. There may also be vans and vehicles outside school at 3.30pm that are not normally there.

With this in mind - 

  • Families that walk up Laund Nook towards the three-cornered park will be able to walk across the top carpark if the pavement is blocked outside of school.

  • We will be speaking to children this afternoon about leaving school safely and making them aware that some parents may not be able to stand in familiar places. We have re-iterated the rule to them that if they cannot see an adult where they expect to see one, they are to return straight to school.

  • Families need to be aware that there may be significantly reduced road access on Laund Nook and are encouraged to park further way from school and walk the last part and not drive along Laund Nook.

Thank you for your understanding.

Mr. Averis