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The builders have finished - we have new classrooms

We are really pleased that the builders have been able to hand over our three new classrooms ready for January. 

Mrs. Astell's and Miss Martin's year three children were able to begin moving into them at the end of the autumn term ready for a fresh start in January. Our updated building plan shows you where their new classrooms will be - CLICK HERE. 


Mrs. Wojcik's year one children may also spend the first few weeks of the spring term in one of the new classrooms (A7) as some work takes place in their existing classroom to repair a leaking rain water down pipe. They will then move back once this is finished. 


On January 8th all of the procedures for the start and end of the day will be the same as they have been throughout the Autumn term. Once we have settled back in January, we are planning to return to using the side gate in the mornings and the end of the day so that children and families don't have to walk across two carparks to get into school. We will share more information in January about when this will happen.