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Weather update 28.2.18 - 1.30pm

At present all children are safe in school, we are fully staffed and children are safe in warm classrooms. However, parents that are concerned about the journeys to and from school in this adverse weather are able to come and collect their children during the afternoon.


Parents that wish to do this, need to come to the front of the school and sign their child out. A member of staff will then go and collect your child from their classroom and bring them to you.


Parents that do not wish to collect their child can leave them in school with their teachers until 3.30pm, when they will be dismissed in the normal manner.


The planned fencing club that was due to take place tonight, is cancelled, however staff will be on site until 4.30pm to look after any children that were due to attend this and cannot be collected early.


Please note that the best way to keep in touch with school decisions, regarding  the adverse weather over the rest of the week, is to check our website where we will follow our adverse weather procedures. CLICK HERE.