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Weather update 5.45pm

Weather update – Sunday 24th January – 5.45pm


Given the weather at present and the forecast for the next 16 hours we are making an extra request for all parents, including parents working in key industries, parents of invited children and parents of nursery children to begin making plans to keep their children at home on Monday 25th January.


We have teachers and staff that need to travel significant distances to get to St. John’s and at time of writing it is apparent that some of these journeys may not be able to be made safely. To open safely we require teachers, cleaning, catering, administration, midday and support staff to ensure that your children are safe at school.

Due to COVID regulations in schools we will not be able to mix year groups and have children from different year groups working in the same classroom. This will make staffing St. John’s safely tomorrow an extra challenge.

Due to COVID regulations at home we are aware that finding child care is very difficult due to the national lock down laws that still need to be followed, even in extreme weather.


With this in mind we hope to have the support of the community in asking parents to make plans now to keep as many children as possible at home tomorrow and use google classrooms and remote learning, rather than coming into school and putting an added pressure on safe staffing and safe pupil bubble structures. For example if you are a parent working in a key industry but are able to work from home tomorrow we are asking you to make plans to do so now and to have your child at home with you.


As always, we hope to be open tomorrow, to see children learning in school and to allow key workers to go to work knowing their children are safe at St. John’s.


A formal decision on the safe opening of St. John’s for any children will be made by 7.30am in the morning.


A copy of our winter opening procedures are available on our website. CLICK HERE.


Thank you

Mr. R. Averis