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Welcome back to school

Good afternoon


I hope that you have all enjoyed a lovely summer holiday and that you are all ready to come back to school at 9am tomorrow, Tuesday 5th September. We look forward to speaking to the children about their holidays and then helping them settle back into the school routine with their new teachers as quickly and happily as possible. 


All of the building work at the front of school has finished and this scaffolding been taken down. Therefore, children will be able to come to school through the normal gate at the side of school at 9am and then leave school through this gate again at 3.30pm. We will not be using the big double gates from the carpark that come straight onto the playground.


We still have some scaffolding up as builders finish replacing the roof at the back of the building. But this will have no impact on getting in or out of the building.


See you all tomorrow. 

Mr. Averis.