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Whole School photograph for sale

We are pleased to share that our whole school photograph can now be viewed and purchased.


1) To view it online CLICK HERE. To ensure security of the image when viewing it you need to enter your email address and your child's name.


2) To view a copy in school. We have a copy that we will be able to put on display in the window by the main entrance door in the mornings and afternoons for parents to look.


3) To purchase a copy CLICK HERE and follow the online purchasing guidance. Prices start at £19. All orders need to be placed online with the photography company and can not be placed in school. All orders placed before midday on Wednesday 6th July will be delivered to the school for free. After that there is an extra charge of £5 postage for the delivery to your home.


4)  If you have any questions about ordering or want to place an order over the phone please contact Tempest photographers in the first instance. 01736 751555 option 3. 


We do not plan to take another whole school photograph until 2028. Next year we plan to return to the traditional offering of an annual class and individual photograph.