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Whole School photograph Friday 10th June

We are looking forward to having our whole school photograph taken on the morning of Friday 10th June. Fortunately the weather forecast looks good as the picture will be taken outside. 


All 450 children and 50 staff will be on the photograph that is being taken to commemorate the opening of our school building on Laund Nook 50 years ago in 1972.

The last time a whole school photograph was taken was 6 years ago and visitors to the school and see it displayed as they come into our school in the entrance corridor. 


Families will be able to purchase the photograph, we'll be sending home details of how to do this as soon as possible.


This whole school photo replaces the annual class photograph that is normally taken every school year. Next school year we will return to having the traditional single/sibling photograph and class photograph for sale that we have historically had before COVID stopped this taking place. 


Any families that are concerned about their children being in the whole school photograph are to contact school on Thursday to let us know that they don't want their child on it.