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Year 1 parents

We have been asked to share the information below in italics from Public Health England. If your child receives a letter and you have any questions please feel free to ring school and ask to speak to Mrs. Cooper our medical and welfare assistant. 


Dental examination of reception and year 1 children as part of the National Dental Epidemiology Programme


The National Dental Epidemiology Programme (NDEP)

Public Health England and Derbyshire/Derby City Local Authorities are undertaking the upcoming dental survey of 5-year-old children in reception and year 1 classes across England. The survey is usually undertaken every 2 years and provides information on the oral health of children. The aim is to support actions to improve oral health and reduce health inequalities and improve the provision of treatment services. Schools are selected to participate at random and participation in the survey is vital to the success of the survey and we thank you in advance for your support this year.


Support from Parents

The programme is delivered by a survey provider commissioned by the local authority and involves a dental examination of selected reception and year 1 children (approximately 25 children). If your child is one that is randomly selected, you will receive a letter informing you about the programme and requesting parental agreement to participate in the survey. The date confirmed for this dental survey at St John’s is Monday 28th February 2022.