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4th December 2020


Just a reminder that all children need to bring a shoe box to school. We will be starting to make Memory Boxes on Monday 7th December. 


If you have any spares at home they would be gratefully received. blush


After Antibullying week last week, we have carried on with our PSHE unit, Bullying matters. Today, we made freeze frames of different situations. Can you match the situation with the correct photo?


1) A child pulls another child's hair.


2) A child is sticking their tongue out and pulling faces at the same child everyday when the teacher isn't looking.


3) Some children are hiding their friend's  bookbag.

We took part in Odd Sock day! We celebrated all of our differences.


This week, we have started a new Talk 4 Writing unit and our story is Avocado baby. We started the week but looking an avocados and thinking of words to describe them. What adjectives did you think of? Mrs Girling cut the avocado open and there was a surprise inside; a huge stone! We cut the avocado into pieces and shared it out and we were all very brave and tried a bit. Can you tell from the photographs who liked it and who did NOT?!!!

As part of our RE work on Belonging, we thought about the promises that Christians make to God and to each other. We held our very own Year 1 wedding! We all got dressed up, we listened to wedding music, watched Eliza and Dylan make their promises and then had a party to celebrate! We had a great time.

21st September

We brought lots of woodland  treasures into school (thank you!). We enjoyed looking at what everyone had collected. We found oak leaves, acorns, conkers, horse chestnut leaves, horse chestnut cases, sycamore leaves and seeds, pine cones...and lots, lots more! We read some instructions about how to make a woodland crown and then we had lots of fun making it!


7th September

Today, all of the Y1 children went down onto the school field to take part in our Enchanted Wooland experience. We made bogart, did tree and bark rubbings and used leaves and blackberries to dye fabric. Can you remember how we did it? The weather was nice so we were able to have a picnic down there and then we had a chocolate! Yummy.

We have had a great week settling into Year 1. The children have been amazing and are coping so well with our new routines and expectations. We are so proud of them all!




So we have started our Enchanted Woodland topic with finding out about different types of trees, looking at whether they stay green all year round (evergreen), or if they drop their leaves for the winter time (deciduous).