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Preperations for the trip


The weekend has been a busy time of final preparations for our trip. Suitcases are nearly packed with just a few additional items to add the night before we fly. 
At St Peter’s relaxed worship service on Sunday, Alison Brown one of the organises of the trip, Mrs Hodgson and I were asked about the upcoming visit to Kolkata and anything we would like prayer for. The congregation prayed for us and wished us a safe and happy trip.



Another week has gone and the preparations are now really underway. Mrs Richardson and Mrs Hodgson have been busy printing and laminating resources to take out to Scott Lane. We have been asked to prepare some lessons based on Aesop's fables which focus on friendship and working together. We have bought some stories that we will use and then leave with the school.

Mrs Richardson has got her suitcase out and started to plan what clothes she will need to take. Looking at next weeks weather I had better pack a waterproof - just in case! 

The youth group Mrs Richardson's runs at St Peter's Church have kindly donated the parachutte they use to play games. This will be used on the fun day when all the schools come together for a giant sports day.


The weather in Kolkata this coming week is:


We have also started to learn the Christian Aid song called Global neighbours. We want to try and record the children singing this and show the children at Scott Lane and hopefully record them singing it too.


Global Neighbours - Fischy Music & Christian Aid

This 'Global Neighbours' anthem explores themes of justice and solidarity with our neighbours around the world. It's a great choice for schools engaging in Christian Aid's global Neighbours accreditation scheme or to help children to think and feel beyond their own world and empathise with children in cultures quite different to what they experience in their own world.



Time is flying by and Mrs Hodgson and I have three weeks before we fly to Kolkata! We have been busy preparing resources to take out and use when teaching in the school and thinking about what we need to pack. We have one final group meeting and a curry together before we fly on the 26th Janurary. 


I have been keeping my eye on the weather and thinking about what I will need to pack. Next week the temperatures are:


Mrs Hodgson and I will also be meeting with the Kolkata Companions this week to create little videos to show the children at Scott Lane School.


We raised £140 with our "Poke a Tree" game that we will use to buy reosurces and food on our final sports day. Thank you to everyone who supported us.