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Religious Education

Summer 2:

This  term we are thinking about special stories. We started off this week by bringing in special objects from home and talking about why they are special to us.

Autumn 2

This term we are thinking about the question: ‘Which times are special and why?’


We will be thinking about:

What celebrations do children take part in?

How do Christians celebrate special festivals?

What happens at Diwali and why?





We talked about how we celebrate.

Week 1:

We learnt about Diwali and made clay divas.

Autumn 1

This term we are thinking about the question: ‘Where do we belong?’


Week 3 and 4

We have been thinking about belonging. We have listened to a story about Jesus and the children. We have started to learn about some Christian beliefs. We have talked about baptism in Christianity. This linked in with our week about families.

The next two weeks we will be learning about Harvest. Part of this will include looking at the Christian Harvest Festival.


Week 2

This week we are continuing to think about how we are all special. We talked about how lots of Christians believe that everyone is special and precious to God. we thought about occasions when others have made them feel special.

Week 1

This week we listened to the story of The Ugly Duckling. We talked about why the Ugly Duckling was special. We then talked about how everyone is special in different ways. We sat in a circle and the children enjoyed telling the class about what they are good at. We had some lovely ideas and the children listened very carefully to each other’s contributions.


If you would like to join in at home then you could draw a star and ask your child to tell you something that they are good at. They can draw a picture inside the star or you could write what they say. We would love to see them in school.