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Saturday 27th January 2024


We have finally arrived!

The plane landed at 7.30am (India time) and it was a great relief to find our cases and go through all the security checks.

We had a wonderful warm welcome from the staff at CRS (Cathedral Relief Service) and Rig David was there to meet us and guide us to our bus. The journey to the Bishop’s Inn was an explosion on your senses. The constant beeping of car and moped horns, people everywhere and so much to see, hear and take in was truly amazing.


We were shown to our rooms on arrival and given omelettes, cornflakes, bananas and boiled eggs for breakfast. It was then time to unpack and have a very quick snooze 😴.
We have been awake for 48 hours and have had approximately one hours sleep. 

After a quick nap and freshen up,  we all climbed back on the bus to visit the CRS main offices at St Paul’s cathedral. 
What an amazing building right in the centre of Kolkata!

Rig spoke to us about the important work of CRS helping children and women have better opportunities and provide them with new skills such as sewing to help them earn money for their family. We will be visiting some of the projects in the next few days.

We were then back on the bus again for a very bumpy ride through Kolkata to the Jain Temple. It was well worth the bumps! 


The temples were gorgeous and Mrs Richardson spotted an unusual bird.
Can you try and find out what it is?

More adventures to follow tomorrow but for now we are off to bed 🛌 😴 

We have arrived!

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