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Good morning smiley


I hope that you have had a good start to the week in school. 


All of the work that you would have been completing, had you been in school, is below. 


Send me a message if you are unsure of anything. 


Miss Cooper  

P.S. Today is your PE day so see if you can find some fun ways to exercise at home! smiley


Today, you will be continuing the research that you started at school about a polar explorer. Remember to use the strategies that we have used in school during previous research projects- organise your information into sections, use bullet points etc. As always, follow the rules for staying safe online. 


Enjoy! smiley


Here is your weekly arithmetic paper. The answers are at the end for you to check when you have finished.

For today's Maths lesson, it is important that you recap conversion of measurement first. There are some slides on the PowerPoint to help you with this. 


Then it is time to problem solve! Use all of the strategies that you know and don't forget to show your working. 

Choose your task- 


Expected- B 

Greater Depth- C 

Some extra challenge- 


This week's RE follows on from last week when we were discussing 'what is God like?'


Have a look at the PowerPoint and find out the meanings of 'creator', 'benevolent', 'omnipotent' and 'omniscient'. 

Can you match these cards? 

Now complete your main task-