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Morning Work

Here is your arithmetic test for morning work.

The answers are at the end if you want to see how you have done.

Exercise! We normally have PE on a Thursday so make sure you do some exercise at home. 


I hope you enjoyed your research and have found out a lot of information about your explorer.


Next week you are going to present your research findings. Hopefully this will be a PowerPoint presentation.


Today, your main task is to plan your presentation using the outline below. Each box represents a slide on your PowerPoint. You will need to decide what you want on each slide - this can include information and pictures.


Use the PowerPoint to help you to recap conversion of measurements.

Now use what you have learned to solve these problems.

Don't forget to show your working out!


Remember to start on the section that is best for you. 


Working Towards - A

Expected - B

Greater Depth - C

Here is an extra challenge if you want to test yourself.

Anti-bullying Week

This years theme for anti-bullying week is 'United Against Bullying'

What do you think bullying is?

Can you come up with your own definition for bullying?

Look at the definition on the slides below. Was your definition similar?

Look at the picture below.

What do you think is happening in the picture?

How do you think the children are feeling?

These are the different roles that people can play when bullying is taking place:


The ringleader(s) - Initiating and leading the bullying but not always the person ‘doing’ the bullying.

The target(s) - The person at whom the bullying is aimed.

Assistant(s) - Actively involved in ‘doing’ the bullying.

Reinforcer(s) - Supports the bullying, might laugh or encourage others to ‘collude’ with what is going on.

Defender(s) - Stands up for someone being bullied. Knows that bullying is wrong and feels confident enough to do something about it. This might involve talking to an adult in school.

Outsider(s) - Ignores any bullying and doesn’t want to get involved.


Look back at the cartoon and decide what roles people are playing. 

Can you think of any TV/Film that involves bullying? Which roles were different characters playing?