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Tuesday 30th January 2024


The day started with morning prayers at 8.00am before breakfast which was omelette and toast. We walked through the streets to be picked up at the CRS offices and were driven to school where the children were already sitting on the mats ready to greet us. 
We had asked the teachers to show us what a normal day at school would be for their children. They used the “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” story that had been used on a previous visit. The children repeated the colours of the animals and used some phonics to hear the beginning sound in words.

Then it was our turn to teach the children. We had prepared lessons and resources before we left England and decided to start with some action songs. The teachers didn’t know head, shoulders, knees and toes so we were able to teach this song to the class as well as different body parts. 
We then taught the song ten green bottles and used this to see what numbers the children knew. In India,  the children repeat what the the teacher say by rote so it was interesting to see if they could recognise numbers when they weren’t in order. 
To help reduce the amount of plastic pollution in India the tea sellers use small clay tea cups. These are then just thrown in the gutter or placed in a box where they can be smashed and added to the earth. 
I had one of the cups and we changed the song to 10 tiny teacups standing in a line.
The children were keen to be involved and we played a quick game of ‘show me’ - I called out a number between 1-10 and the children had to hold up the correct number of fingers and repeat the number.

After a few more number games, the children washed their hands and got ready for their Tiffin.

Can you remember what tiffin is?  

While this was happening the vice principle of St Paul’s fee paying school showed us around. The children would stand up as we entered the room before sitting back down again. We are hopefully going to be visiting the infant and junior school on Thursday. 


We then returned to our class, we sang some more action songs together and I read Brown Bear Brown Bear to them. Before it was time to go home we taught the children the grace we say for lunch and showed them the booklet I had made showing pictures of our school, classes, what Belper looks like and also your wonderful pieces of work. They were very impressed! 👍

I have just realised I haven’t told you the ages and size of our class. The children are  aged 3 up to age 9 and there are 23 of them.


We then drove back to CRS and finished the day by travelling in a Tuk tuk. It was wonderful seeing the streets of Kolkata this way. 

While watching todays video look carefully at the pictures on the playground wall.
What story from the bible is shown in the black and white picture ?

Tuesday in Kolkata

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