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SPaG Mat

Good morning Rowsley team,


Below is your SPaG mat with answers.


Have a good day,


Miss Thompson


Over the next few English lessons, you are going to do some research into explorers. Please look at the PowerPoint and choose an explorer to research in detail. You can write down key facts in your writing book.


If you would like to research an alternative explorer - that is not on the list just - let me know by using the contact form or my email.


Enjoy your research and remember to stay safe online!


Please use the PowerPoint below to recap finding percentages of amounts. After that click on the classroom secrets PDF and choose you appropriate level.


Page 2 = practising (developing understanding)

Page 3 = on track (secure understanding)

Page 4 = greater depth (deepening understanding)


The answers are on page 5 so no peeping! Feel free to self mark once you have completed your work and checked your answers.