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SPaG mat

Good morning! 

Here is your morning work.

Make sure you have sharpened your pencil ready for maths later. smiley


You can mark your answers once you have finished. 

Make sure you choose the correct level for you. 



You are going to choose an explorer from the PowerPoint and over the next few lesson you are going to research them. 

Find out as much as you can and write in it your book.


There are some tips on the slides of things you might want to research.

Make sure you are staying safe online when you are doing your research.


Use this PowerPoint to refresh your memory on percentages of amounts.

Then complete your usual level on the classroom secrets questions. 


Page 2 = developing 

Page 3 = expected

Page 4 = greater depth


In our PSHE lesson this week we are thinking about water safety.

While you look through the PowerPoint and complete the tasks, think about the best ways to stay safe near water. What rules would you use?

Now try to make a water safety poster that would go by a swimming pool. 

Think about what you would need in your poster. What rules would you put on it?

Remember posters should be eye catching!