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Morning Work

Good morning! smiley


Today, you have a Maths mat to complete. Make sure that you choose the right level for you. You can check your answers once you have finished. 


Have a look at the PowerPoint- 

Now solve the problems! smiley


WTS- TYM p.110 A

Expected- TYM p.110 B 

Greater Depth- TYM p.110 C

Got it? Try some Maths Hub Reasoning and Problem solving!


Today, in English, you are going to create a presentation using your polar explorer research. Ideally, we would like you to create a PowerPoint presentation of your chosen polar explorer.


If you do not have access to the PowerPoint software, please do not worry. Instead, why not do a paper presentation or poster to present your research?


Please bring your presentation to school on Friday - we will remind you Thursday. We would love to see them and there will be an opportunity to share a few to the class.


Challenge - when presenting your research, can you add animations or transitions to your slides?