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Week 3

This week we are consolidating the number two. The children have enjoyed hunting around nursery to find the images with two objects one. They have also been adding two of the same objects in to their basket. 

To continue with our Marvellous Machine project, Mrs May has brought in her dehydrator! The children watched as the apples were chopped, we now have to wait for the machine to do its job and we can enjoy some new food. 


In our literacy, the Anteater puts mint sauce on the ant. Today, Mrs Gallen brought in some mint sauce for the children to taste. Most of the children of the children tried it and some of the, really enjoyed it and licked the plate! Great trying new foods boys and girls. 

In project, we have been looking inside our battery operated toys. We spoke about the batteries being the right way, the right size and amount. We also spoke about the importance of not playing with batteries and only adults need to use them.