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St. John's nursery - information for parents and carers


This page has all the factual information parents and families may need to help them find out about our nursery, which we hope is especially useful if you are considering enrolling your child with us. We also have a fun class page where Miss Lemon, our nursery teacher, posts pictures and up to date information about what is happening in the nursery. CLICK HERE. This class page is intended to be for families that already have children enrolled with us and want to find out about what we do very day.


To help get your child ready for nursery we have published this parent guide to children's learning and development. We also have our nursery prospectus, below, to inform parents of what our nursery is all about.

September 2020 starters and returning children


We are looking forward to welcoming children to nursery in September 2020. We have been advised to plan to fully open for all children that have applied for a place which is great news for all the children who are looking forward to play, learn and make new friends at our nursery. For many children this will be the start of an exciting 8 years at St. John's. 


We are aware that during the summer we had to cancel our stay and play sessions that we normally run for all new starters. These session are very useful in helping children get used to their new nursery. To help children who missed these we are going to run a stay and play session on Wednesday 2nd September 2020 for all children that will be attending nursery, including new starters, children that should have started in April but couldn't and children that have already attended, but may have stopped coming in March when we had to partially close the school.


The stay and play will be a lovely opportunity for you to have an hours play with your child, help them get to know new friends and meet Mrs. Gallen, who is returning from her maternity leave, and Mrs. Grigoriu. 


Unfortunately there will not be the normal three hour sessions on Wednesday 2nd September. We are sorry for any problems that this may cause. 


Stay and Play session on Wednesday 2nd September. 

If you would like to come to one of our stay and play sessions on Wednesday 2nd please ring school (01773 822995) and speak to Mrs. Howis or Mrs. Simpson to book  a place on one of the sessions below. 

  • Session 1 - 9am - 10am
  • Session 2 - 10.10 am - 11.10 am
  • Session 3 - 11.20 am - 12.20 pm
  • Session 4 - 1.20pm - 2.20pm
  • Session 5 - 2.30pm - 3.30pm

To help ensure that the sessions are as successful as possible we will limit the number of children attending. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


Thursday 3rd September - back to normal

Nursery will then open as normal on Thursday 3rd September with our normal three hour sessions starting at 8.45am for the morning children and 12.35pm for our afternoon children.


Email - updates

All new families that are joining St. John's are invited to subscribe to our email to parents and carers service. This service is free and confidential and subscribing means that you can guarantee that you will keep up to date with everything at St. John's.  Parents and carers need to add their information and subscribe themselves, we can't do this for you. To subscribe go to our Contact Us page and follow the email subscription link, CLICK HERE

Nursery admissions


If you would like your child to join our nursery you will need to apply for a place. Below you will find links to our nursery admissions policy and blank application forms. Applications can be made for starting nursery up to three years in advance. 


Application forms can be submitted by

  • post - Nursery admissions, St. John's CE Primary School, Laund Nook, Belper, Derbyshire, DE56 1GY
  • email -
  • hand delivered to the school office


To help work out when your child can potentially join us we have also included a document below called 'When can your child join us?' This table shows the date your child will be able to join us depending on their date of birth. Applications can be made up to two years in advance of starting.


Open sessions for you to come and see our nursery to help with applications


To help you with your applications we invite you to come and bring your child to our nursery and have a look at it 'in action' with Mr. Averis. Please ring the school and speak to Mrs. Howis or Mrs. Simpson  to book an appointment on one of the monthly tours below. You are welcome to bring your child with you. As well as looking at the nursery we will also spend time looking at the rest of our school. 


Wednesday 26th February 2020 - 9.30am

Friday 27th March 2020 - 9.30am

Wednesday 29th April 2020 - 9.30am - cancelled due to COVID19

Thursday 21st May 2020 - 9.30am




Our nursery application form is below. Other nursery policies including our Admission, EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), Intimate care and Food and Drink policy are found in the policies and paperwork section of this website.

Once you child is coming to our nursery you may want to increase the number of sessions or alter the times of the sessions that they attend. We will always try to accommodate these requests but all changes are subject to availability of places and school resources. We will also have to consider future applications for places that have been made with regards to our admissions policy.

Please complete and return the request form below to let us know of any changes you would like to make.

Contact form for all enquiries regarding St. John's Nursery

Please use this contact form to get in touch with the school with any questions or comments regarding the nursery unit.