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Spring 1 - Long ago/ Stories and Rhymes

What a busy start to the year!


We have welcomed new children to our St John's family and they have enjoyed exploring their new environment.


We are really enjoying our new topic, thinking about toys from the past and how much we have changed over time.


We've had special visitors from younger siblings and brought in our favourite teddy from home.


We have so much more to squeeze into this term, keep checking the website for more pictures!

Long Ago


This project teaches children about how they have grown and changed since they were babies and how life in the past was different from today.

Sorties and Rhymes


This project teaches children about traditional stories and rhymes and gives them the opportunity to play with words and learn new vocabulary.

Number Rhymes and Favourite books


The children have enjoyed using different mathematics equipment to show and count different amounts.

We have also had visits from the Year 5 children to share their favourite books. The children sat and listened to the older children had spoke about what had happened in the stories.