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There are lots of ways you can support

your child at home with handwriting.


The first thing a child needs to do before they pick up a pencil is to build up strength in their hands and develop their gross motor and fine motor skills. Here are some ways you can do that at home...


  • Ask your child to squeeze something really hard, and release, then repeat! They could squeeze a small ball, a piece of playdough, a sock stuffed with cotton wool...
  • Use pegs and peg some items along a washing line, or peg around a piece of paper/ fabric.
  • Use paper clips and clip them along a piece of cardboard.
  • Play with playdough and squish it, squeeze it, poke it, pat it, shake it!
  • Make HUGE circles with your arms, forwards and backwards (as if you are swimming!)
  • Climb a climbing frame or a tree (stay safe please!)
  • Tie rubber bands around a piece of fruit, like an orange or an apple!
  • Practise making small snips using child safe scissors.
  • Thread some beads onto some string.
  • Make patterns using a stick, a paintbrush or your finger in mud, soil, a tray of rice, sand or paint!