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Building relationships and making time for our loved ones is very important. We don’t always have to be physically with someone in order to be able to connect to them. Using technology can help us to stay connected with those who we can’t physically see.


How are you staying connected? How are you in touch with your friends? What are the best ways you have found to keep your friendships fun, during the lockdowns? It would be great to hear from you (look at the 'Express Yourself' link to email me) and I would love to post up some of your ideas here!

In the meantime, try some of these ideas...

Write a letter

Write a letter to your family members and friends and if given permission by parents/carers to do so, post the letters. If not, wait until you can see the person again and then you can give them all the letters you wrote them.

Board games

Play board games with the people you live with.

Card games

Play card games with the people you live. What's your favourite?

Write a poem

Write a poem to friends and family.  Ask parents/carers to take a picture of the poem to text/email over to the person or even better, ask them to film you reading it and send that over instead.

Read a book

Read a book with the people you live with. Or (with permissions and support from parent/carer) ring/facetime a family member/friend and read a book out loud together.

You could even create a book club where you and your family members/friends agree to read the same book and read the same chapters each day. You could then ring/text/facetime (with permission!) to discuss what you have read.



Stay connected through technology

With your parent/carer’s permission and support you could have a conversation using technology to help.