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Welcome to Your Wellbeing Pages! There are 5 different, important factors of Wellbeing, and they are each mentioned below. If you make an effort to practise each of them - learning, connecting with friends and family, giving, exercising and taking time to look around you and be thankful, you will feel the benefit. We look forward to talking to you about it at school!  
Before you do anything though, give this a listen, it's a rather brilliant cover of a song called 'Don't Worry', from Frank Turner's album 'Be More Kind'....from the one and only Mr Keene!

Welcome to Bella's Wellbeing Corner!

The 5 steps to Wellbeing are all above, with the last section - Express Yourself - there to remind us of the 2021 message about creativity, and about sharing what is going on inside, on the outside! If you want to send something creative in to us, use the email in Express Yourself!

These 5 steps help to develop Resilience

Resilience means not to give up and to persevere. Sometimes, we may feel that we are having a bad day. That’s OK! Just remember, tomorrow is always a new day. Sometimes it is difficult to be resilient but not giving up and persevering really helps our wellbeing.


RULER! The Yale University Way to Understand our Emotions and Interactions Better!

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Year Five Wellbeing Ambassadors explain the RULER approach - Take it Away, Year 5!


Here are 3 role plays, worked on by the Y6 Wellbeing Club, which show what a huge difference it makes if you have strategies to deal with anger and help you express you emotions appropriately! Role Play 1 shows how NOT to do it, Role Play 2 is better....and Role Play 3 shows how expressing your emotions appropriately can lead to more understanding and a better outcome! Well done Year Sixes!

Year 6 show us How Not to Deal with Anger!

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Role Play 2 - Better!

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Role Play 3 - Good!

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The Year Sixes show us How to Be There for Friend! Step One - How Not to Do It!

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Role Play 2 - Being there for a friend - Better!

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Role Play 3 - How to be there for a friend- Good!

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