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Give to others

Giving to others doesn’t have to mean giving physical objects. You can give other things too. Giving to others really helps to look after our own wellbeing as well as supporting others’ wellbeing. Here are some ideas on what you could give, and encouragement that kindness is one of the most important things!

Give Kindness
• Encourage somebody, with a kind word and a smile!
•Offer someone a drink
• Draw somebody a picture
Give Help
• Can you help your parents or carers with some of the chores around the house? You could:
o Tidy your room
o Wash up
o Hoover
o Fold laundry
o Help with younger siblings
Give Time
• Take time talk to your loved ones (if you can, Skype grandparents- don’t forget to get permission to do this!)
• Play a board game with those that you live with.
Give a compliment
• Compliments are a great way to help your wellbeing as well as others’. Tell somebody they look good today or remind them of what they are good at.
Give a smile
• Smile at people today and we guarantee they will smile back.
Give support
• Ask someone how they are feeling today and listen.
Give respect
• It’s normal for us to feel lots of different emotions but it’s important that you still be respectful of each other.
Give thanks
• Don’t forget to say thank you when somebody does something for you for example, somebody has cooked your dinner.