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Today we are doing a 'Cold Write' in preparation for our next Talk for Writing unit.  The children will continue writing a story.  They will work independently, as we want to see what they could do.  Their teacher will then identify common development areas, to improve after half term.



Here is the story starter for you to continue:


A door banged. Claire jumped. What was that? It wasn’t Mr Jakes, because she could hear him whistling, at the other end of the playground. Out of the silence, she heard steps. Somebody was coming closer. Somebody, or something, was coming down the corridor. Nearer. She stood still, so still that even the tables and chairs froze with her. Carefully, she peered round the edge of the door. A shadow slipped, as quick as a knife, into the next room. Claire clenched her fist around the pen, her heart racing.


What happens next?


Before you begin, think about where this story might be set, who is in the story and what has happened so far.


Give yourself 5 minutes, or so, thinking time before you continue writing the story.  What do you already know about writing stories and writing sentences?  You could make notes, or draw pictures to help plan.