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The three sounds we are learning this week are:  - h, l, ll.  Focus on learning one sound a day.

Watch Geraldine Giraffe on YouTube to see what objects she can find for each sound as she searches around the house. Have a go looking around your house for objects beginning with those sounds (l and h). With your grown up play I Spy games. Have a practise writing the letter shapes h and l. Look for 'll' at the end and in the middle of words e.g. ball, bell, till, wall etc.  Practise writing the letter shapes in the air, on paper, in a fine layer of flour etc.

Have a selection of objects beginning with the sounds h and  l.  Also find objects/pictures with the sounds ll in the middle or at the end such as doll and bell, hill etc. Ask your grown up to write the sounds on paper. Can you sort the objects into piles to match with the correct sound?


Practise tricky words I, no, go, to, the. Listen to the tricky words song on YouTube to help.


Great work. We hope to see you back in school very soon.



Watch Geraldine the Giraffe on YouTube teach the sounds of the week!