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English:Reading comprehension

This week's comprehension work is reading and understanding a non-fiction text about garden birds.

There are 3 levels: *, ** or ***.  Choose which feels most comfortable for you.


Have a go at skim reading the text - re-reading it quickly to find the answers to the questions, by searching for key words, rather than reading every word again.


Answer the questions, in your book, using full sentences, so that they make sense without looking at the questions.   You DO NOT need to write out the questions.

Use some of the words in the questions to help you.  e.g. 

Qu. Which bird has a red breast?

An. The robin has a red breast.


Qu.  Why do birds build nests?

An.  Birds build nests to protect their eggs and chicks.


For * work, write out the sentences you would have ticked on the sheet.  For question 5, just write out the sentences that are 'true'.



Adults - the last page has the answers on!