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It is important to practise all the sounds we have learnt so far. Can you remember what they are? Let’s practise:


  s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, o, g, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, l, ll, b.f,ff, ss, j, v, w, x, y, z, qu, sh, ch.

Tricky words – revise: I, no, go, to, the, she, he, we, me, be

Tricky words to learn this week are:

they, her, all,  are

Practise Phase 2/3 tricky word songs on YouTube.



The sounds we are learning this week are:  th, ng, nk. These sounds are called digraphs; two letters making one sound.

Watch Mr Thorne Does Phonics on YouTube teach the sounds of the week.

 Can you find things with these sounds? Some sounds will be at the start of a word and some will be at the end. Have a search around the house… Well done!





Ask your grown up to have a selection of objects with the digraph th, ng, nk. Remember it can be at the beginning or the end.

Play a sorting game – mix the objects/pictures and sort them into the correct letter sound.


Match the letters to the picture with the correct initial sound. Have a go at writing the words.