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Recite numbers to 10, then 20. Count back from 10.

10   9   8   7   6   5   4   3   2   1   0

Practise number recognition to 10.

Collect a number of objects and count out six.

Practise writing numerals from 1 to 10.

Join in singing number songs with Jack Hartman on YouTube.




Repeated patterns

Ask your grown up to help you cut out strips of coloured paper. Now have a go at making paper chains to decorate your home. How many colours did you use? Look at the repeating pattern on your paper chains. Now have a go at making a different pattern. Well done.












Set up a shop with items priced up to ten pence and pay for it with pennies. Can children count out the correct number of 1p coins to pay for items?



Ask your grown up to cut a Christmas tree templates with numbered stars. Your task is to decorate the Christmas tree with baubles/pom poms or sequins to match the number. Maybe you could try bigger numbers?









Practise subitising to 6. Collect six different items and arrange them as many ways as you can. What can you see? What is the total? Has the total changed or remained the same? Extra activity: do some weighing. Find two objects. Which one is heavier? Which one is lighter?  Now have a go at finding three objects and placing them in order of weight. Which is the lightest? Which item is the heaviest?