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Mathematics-Week 1

Daily practise reciting numbers to ten and then to twenty. Count backwards from ten.

Singing Hands: Five Little Firemen - Nursery Rhyme - Makaton Sign Language

One of our favourite number songs! This song appears on our DVD "It's Signing Time 3" released in Spring 2016. We are joined in this DVD by the Firefighte...


Introduce the number 8. Use a ruler or number line to teach place value:

One less than 8 is 7

One more than 8 is 9


1       2      3      4      5      6      7      8      9      10






Make a fire engine collage using assorted shapes. What shapes will you need? Can you name the shapes? can you describe them? For example; has the shape got corners? How many sides does this shape have? Are the sides the same length or different? 
Well done for today’s work!



Cut out the fireman's ladders and stick them in the correct order starting from the shortest to the longest.

Ask your grown up to help you paint some paper plates in red to represent fire and write random numbers on the plate to ten. Can you peg blue pegs to match the number?

Begin by completing the fireman dot to dot picture. 

 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10

Great, now have a practise counting out a given number of objects from a large amount. Ask your grown up to provide you with a selection of toys/objects to count. Well done!


Play a game throwing a dice with numbers to 9 and add one more. Ask your grown up to help you. Can you tell your grown up which number is one more that 5? 7? 4? 9?


Play a game counting on 1 more.

Measuring ladders from shortest to longest.

Excellent work this week! Well done children.