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Week commencing 21/9/20

Below are a number of tasks to help your child with their maths skills development. Try and complete at least one task daily.




Our number of the week is number 4

Children can start by counting objects that are identical such as four apples, four pears, four toy teddies etc. Encourage children to place things in a line when counting so they have a clear starting and ending point.


smileyRecite numbers to 10

smileySing number rhymes and songs

smileyGo on a hunt for all thing 4.

smileyCount 4 objects saying one number name for each item. Count 4 claps, four jumps, 4 hops etc 


Space, Shape and Measure

Learn the names of 2D shapes:

Look around the environment and describe the shapes they can see. What can they find that is a circle shape? square? triangle? rectangle?

Draw pictures using shapes. Can they describe the shapes?

Ask your grown-up to cut out some 2D shapes. Now have a go arranging these shapes to make a picture. Remember you can share your work with us on Tapestry.


Well done for all your hard work.