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Choose one activity a day.

Capacity- fill and empty different sized containers.  Compare drinks- who has more, less. Which is full and which is empty? 


Number 5- use 5 separate connecting blocks. Encourage your child to build a tower and then to explore other shapes they could build with 5 blocks. How many different ways can they find? Explore different shapes they could build using 2, 3 , 4 blocks.


Look at different fruit and vegetables and compare them by size. Put them in order from smallest to largest.


Make patterns using fruit and veg to print with e.g. potato/carrot/potato/carrot


Use tins of food and vegetables/Fruit in your house to make a shop. Price things from 1 pence to 5 pence. Buy items with pennies. 2 pence pieces and 5 pence pieces. Can you buy 2 items? How much does it cost altogether?