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Recite numbers to 10, then 20. Count back from 10.

Practise different ways to make six. Use counters, bricks, cubes or anything from around your house. How many ways can you find?

Complete the number 6 worksheet. Colour the counters in different ways and write the number sentences e.g. 3 +3= 6, 4+2=6.


Time – My Day


Make a timetable for a school day. Draw the pictures or use the worksheet to help you.


Think about what happens during the day and at night.

Draw pictures of what you do at night and during the day. Or, cut and stick the pictures for the sorting activity.


Practise patterns:

 Find some objects to make patterns with e.g. bricks, counters. Can you make a two colour pattern first? Then try to make a three colour pattern. You could make a Christmas pattern by using the Christmas pictures and completing the pattern.

Make a Christmas tree with a triangle shape. Use buttons or any small items to make repeating patterns e.g red button, green button, red button, green button.



Complete the numberblocks number ordering worksheet (1-5, or 1-10). Or, you could make your own number ordering game. Write the numbers on separate pieces of card/paper. Then draw the correct number of Christmas objects on separate pieces of card/paper. Play a pairs game. Turn the cards upside down and see if you can find matching pairs. You can make numbers to ten. 

Well done. You have worked hard this week.